How to make money from a website?

It goes without saying that every website doesn’t make money. Only the websites that deliver value to its target audience are able to generate revenues and become popular amongst web users. However, there are some businesses that are quite promising from money generation point of view.

Below are some of the online businesses by investing in which you can make easy money;

Travel industry – We all love to travel. Before heading for an expedition, most of the planning and bookings are done online. With countless hotels, flights and travel packages searches being made every day, there is a serious scope of making money.

Travel industry is one of the most booming industries on web. So, it is obviously worth investing.

Dating platform – Everyone is looking for that one special person and web is paying a crucial role in the search part. Dating websites help people in finding the soul mates with similar interests and career choices. Setting up a dating website thus carries a huge potential for profits.

Social media reseller – From small businesses to big brands, everyone wants to trend on social media platforms. To accomplish this, no one minds paying for likes and followers. So, there is scope of selling social popularity to the ones who want quick results.

While these are just three of the most popular ways to create money from a website, you need to invest in website design, marketing and promotional activities to get your online venture started. The cost can be quite high if you don’t choose smartly. helps people in starting online businesses at amazingly low cost. Have a look at the range of businesses you can set up at less than $350! 


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