What exactly Niche websites and how it Works

Niche websites…do those two words ring a bell? Better yet, do you know what a “niche website” is?

What are Niche Websites?

Niche websites are websites made exclusively for receiving revenue. They are directed at a specific topic and supply information only about that topic. This technique is used to get better rankings on the topic in search engines.

Niche websites and how it Works

It won’t help you to know “what something is” without knowing “how it works.” Niche sites work because search engines give more precedence to sites if the search term, for example “candy sugar babies,” is used more frequently for that particular product. Of course, a general website can rank as well; however, it is more difficult to generate traffic for a specific term, a niche site is specifically concentrated on one keyword or topic.

Let’s take “candy sugar babies.” A niche website will be exclusively about this particular product. The site will go on about how good “candy sugar babies” are, all the different flavors, colors, packaging, quantities, prices, and so on. A general website may sell “candy sugar babies” but they sell other candies as well. Therefore, even though “candy sugar babies” may be a popular product as far as candies are concerned, who do you think will get the higher ranking when someone Googles “candy sugar babies, or, best candy sugar babies?” You got it; the niche site will come up trumps.

Start Online Business To Earn Money

The above information is no secret, but here are a few clandestine concepts about niche websites that will certainly peak your interest about them.

This may seem weird in contrast to the way you have heard, but when it comes to niche sites, it’s better to get the right keyword, then find the product for it, than to get a product and try to make it into a much sought after keyword. You need a profitable and converting product. Niche sites are about making money, there’s very little love involved in it! In spite of this, you are sure to find a product you like with the appropriate keywords to get you in the rankings.

For example, supposing you are interested in “coffee grinders.” It’s a very broad keyword. However, a money keyword would be more like “best coffee grinder” or “coffee grinder reviews” with extremely high commercial-search intent. Someone looking up the term “coffee grinder” may not be looking to buy. Nevertheless, a person doing a search for the “best coffee grinder” is more likely searching for the “best coffee grinder” to buy! Using the Google Keyword Tool is optimal once you find your niche.

Buy Travel Booking Website

You can always take the “easy way out.” There are plenty of niche websites for sale. What you probably don’t know is purchasing the niche website is the easy part. Assuming you have already purchased your niche website. Here’s what you need to do afterwards:

  • Purchase a domain name and web-hosting. HostGator.com is one of the most popular and reputable hosting sites.
  •  Install your new niche site at your hosting-provider. Some hosting sites will offer installation services.
  • After your site is up-and-running, sign up for a publisher or affiliate account, it’s usually free.
  •  Market your niche site and wait for all the traffic to come streaming through.
  • Create supplementary content to keep visitors coming back.

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