Online Travel Agent vs. Offline travel Agent

Once upon a time, when people wanted to book a holiday they went to see the travel agent. Usually found on a high street with heavy pedestrian traffic, the travel agent was the start of vacation dreams for several decades – until a new, flashier kid arrived on the block.

With the advent of the internet age, life for travel agents and holidaymakers changed forever. Now, we can go online and find the best deals to suit us, all without paying a hefty arrangement fee to a travel agent. It’s simple, easy and can be done from the comfort of your living room – but the travel agents aren’t going out of business just yet… so what’s stopping everyone converting to internet holiday booking?

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Online Travel Agents vs. High Street Travel Agents

Clearly, the biggest difference between online travel agents and personal, high street conventional travel agents is the face-to-face factor. With a conventional travel agent, you can sit down and discuss your needs with an actual person, and you can get recommendations as you browse. The internet loses this personal sense a little, and may explain why some have yet to discover the joys of internet holidays… Click here to read more


The Profitable Way of Launching a Website

Are you planning to launch a business website or informative blog to make money online? If yes, then, you need to think about the most profitable way to launch a website. According to an infographic published on Daily Mail, 571 new websites are created every minute. To make yours stand apart, you need to think about some critical points.


Here are some interesting points to remember for launching a profitable website :

  • Set Your Goals
  • Develop an Effective Digital Funnel
  • Manage Your Leads
  • Generate Traffic


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